Cirali Azra Villas Review: The best place for families

Cirali Azra Villas

Accommodation options in Cirali Turkey are some wooden bungalows only, since it is a protected area and constructions are not allowed in this little Mediterranean village. Among the many bungalow hotels in Cirali, we chose to stay in Cirali Azra Villas for a family vacation for two consecutive years. It was such a relaxing place that we loved and still dreaming of going back again some day.

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Where to stay in Cirali
Cirali Beach and the restaurants by the beach

Cirali is the perfect place for a tranquil and relaxing holiday in Turkey. It has an unspoiled green nature, a long amazing beach and the best sea on the Mediterranean coast at the Turkish Riviera. The little seaside village of Ciriali is an oasis for nature lovers, located in the middle of orange orchards and surrounded with pine forests and high mountains. As a local now living abroad, Cirali is the place that comes first to my mind when I dream to unwind and have a restful vacation by the sea.

Cirali Azra Villas review

Where to stay in Cirali Turkey
Cirali Azra Villas and its garden

We stayed in Cirali Azra Villas twice as a family. It was such a great place for a family with young kids that we enjoyed every second of it. Detached wooden bungalows with two separate bedrooms, a lush, huge garden with fruit trees, free bikes to ride, a 10 minute walk to an amazing sea

Azra Villas consists of detached bungalow villas built on a mountain skirt a little behind the beach. There are two bedroom and one bedroom villas options to choose. They are simple but just enough furnished to have a low key holiday in a quite roomy place. Moreover, a stay in Cirali Azra Villas is affordable. For a budget of a 3 or 4 days stay at one of the all inclusive hotels in Antalya region, for sure, you can stay in Azra Villas for a week or more.

Check out the prices of Cirali Azra Villas ( its score is 9.7 )

As a side note, Azra Villas are not located just direct on the Cirali Beach. You need to walk around ten minutes or bike or drive for much less to reach the beach. If you are looking for a place very close to the beach there are many other hotels to stay in Cirali. Definitely, the closer to the beach the hotel is, more expensive it would be.

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Two bedroom villas at Cirali Azra Villas

Cirali Azra Villas review
Cirali Azra Villas master bedroom

We stayed in a two bedroom villa at Azra Villas. It had two separate bedrooms, a bathroom, a living room with a kitchen area and a large terrace / patio facing lush avocado trees. The AC was in the living room and was strong enough to cool down the whole place. Also it had a washing machine, which was great since we stayed there quite long.

Cirali hotels
Second bedroom at Azra Villas with two single beds

One of the bedrooms had a double bed and there were two single beds in the other bedroom. The living room had high wooden ceilings which was very refreshing. And definitely, the most relaxing area of the accommodation was its quite large patio! It was the place where we spent most of our time: having our meals, sipping our drinks, playing with kids and just taking in the beautiful nature of Cirali.

The kitchen area had all the things you would need to prepare a meal: a stove, a refrigerator with a freezer, and a dishwasher which is a must for me for a self catered family vacation. There is a grocery shop in the center of Cirali village where you can find all the things to prepare a meal. If you prefer to cook, you had everything you needed; if not you had some great restaurants a short walk away in the village center or by the beach.

Cirali with kids
Azra Villas offered free bikes to explore Cirali

Pros and Cons of our stay at Cirali Azra Villas:


  • Detached, quite big wooden houses perfect for a family
  • Two separate bedrooms
  • Kitchen area with enough equipment and utensils to cook
  • Stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine, AC
  • Living room opening to a quite big balcony
  • Dining table, chairs and umbrella at balcony
  • Huge garden with fruit trees, barbecue areas, picnic tables, hammocks
  • Free parking place
  • Free bikes
  • Friendly and hospitable hosts


  • It is a little far away from the beach and the village center (about 10 minutes walking distance). But the accommodations closer to the center and the beach are much expensive. So, price / quality matches and it is good value for money.

We liked Cirali Azra Villas’ peacefulness and relaxing vibe a lot where we felt like staying in our own holiday house for a summer vacation. Moreover, since it was an affordable accommodation we could extend our vacation to a few weeks and enjoyed the beautiful Cirali Beach and the area to the best.

The beach area of Cirali Azra Villas

Cirali Azra Villas has a sister hotel, Villa Emin apart hotel, that is located just 50 meters by Cirali Beach. We could also use all the amenities of Villa Emin free of charge: its sun beds and umbrellas at the beach; table tennis and hammocks in the garden; the free parking place of the hotel and free tea and coffee offered all day. Moreover, the sitting area there was so relaxing with traditional floor tables and cushions to sit on and sip some Turkish tea…

Cirali Beach

Cirali Beach
Relaxing vibe of Cirali Beach

Since you are searching for the places to stay in Cirali Turkey, you’ve already heard the beauty of Cirali Beach. As a local, I would add that it is one of the best beaches in Turkey! It is a place that I suggest to all my friends abroad who are planning a summer holiday in Turkey.

Cirali beach is set on a 3 km long cove which stretches all the way to Olympos beach that is an antique site on its western edge. There are two cliffs at the both ends of the beach, mighty mountains are set at the back and lush trees stand just by the beach. And at the center of all of this picturesque scenery sits the beautiful Cirali beach with its crystal clear blue sea. Cirali Beach is also a protected area, since it is a hatching place for endangered Caretta Caretta sea turtles.

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Where to stay in Cirali Turkey
Unspoiled nature of Cirali, just behind Cirali Beach

Cirali is a place to go back to the basics. Beautiful nature, a stress free vacation at one of the breathtaking stretches of Mediterranean Sea, simple accommodations blended in the nature. If you think that simple is better, you would definitely have an amazing holiday in Cirali…

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