The Best Sardinia Beaches with Kids: Sardinia Family Holiday

We visited the best Sardinia beaches with kids! A blog post about our family summer vacation to Sardinia Italy and the beaches we visited on the island.
La Pelosa is among the best beaches in Sardinia Italy.
La Pelosa with its emerald blue water is one of the best beaches in Sardinia Italy.

Sardinia beaches are phenomenal! We visited Sardinia with our two young kids twice. Without a doubt, at both times, Sardinia beaches blew our minds! Imagine, white, powdery soft, fine sand picturesque beaches, with pristine, crystalline, emerald blue seawater. Just perfect for a summer beach vacation with the family!

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Where is Sardinia located?

Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean (after Sicily). As governance, Sardinia island is an autonomous region of Italy. It is located in the western Mediterranean Sea about 190 miles (300 km) off Italian west coast. Another popular summer destination, Corsica island, which belongs to France, is right above northern Sardinian coast.

Sardinia is a relatively big island that is 170 miles (270 km) long from North to South and 90 miles (145km) wide from West to East. About 370 miles (595 km) of island’s coastline is covered with beaches. In total, Sardinia has 1150 miles (1850km) of coastline which can be high and rocky at some parts.

How are Sardinia beaches like?

Sardinia beaches are famous for their crystal clear, pristine, turquoise waters. At some parts you can feel like you are in Carribean with the fine white sand under your feet. In other words, Sardinia island is a gem in the middle of Mediterranean Sea. Its beaches are considered among the best in Europe (may be in the world). Thanks to the Mediterranean climate with long, hot summers, seawater is warm enough to swim from May to October.

Sardinia beaches with kids

Most Sardinia beaches are perfect for kids, even for the little ones and toddlers. There are plenty of beaches with shallow, calm waters and fine sand both on the beach and in the water. Also, all the beaches we visited had gentle slopes in the water and were protected from winds and currents.

How to get to Sardinia Italy?

There are three main options to go to Sardinia, Italy:

  • Flying with one of many international flights from France, Spain, UK and other European countries.
  • Catching a domestic flight from Italy. Wherever you can find a cheap flight works, Rome, Milan, Bologna all can be an option.
  • A ferry ride from many ports in Italy or France and Spain.

In addition, here are the links of three international airports in Sardinia: Cagliari airport, Olbia airport, Alghero airport . Checking live flights info in the links, can give an idea about the airlines and the departing cities to the island. Some budget airlines fly to Sardinia, too.

We flew to Sardinia from London with British Airways. As early birds we had found cheap return flights for £100 per person.

For more Information about “How to get to Sardinia?” check my other post. Please click here.

How we decided for a vacation in Sardinia?

For our summer family vacation in July and August we started planning early. Definitely, as a sea loving family, we wanted to spend lots of time at the beach swimming, playing and just soaking some sun. Besides, we wanted to feel some cultural vibes and to eat good food.

First we focused in popular Greek islands but even for early bookings flight prices were too high. A brief search for other Mediterranean islands with good beaches led us to Sardinia. Luckily, we found a cheap flight from London to Olbia with British Airways. Another option was London – Cagliari but it wasn’t as cheap as Olbia.

Eventually, we focused in Olbia and northern region of Sardinia. As a bonus, most of the best Sardinia beaches were at this part! It seemed like, it was a perfect destination for a summer family vacation. We loved hopping among many gorgeous Sardinia beaches with kids on the island. In fact, we liked the region so much, thus we visited Sardinia twice.

Sardinia beaches

We visited many beaches during our vacation. Here are the best Sardinia beaches we visited with kids and liked the most.

Northern Sardinia beaches

Spiaggia La Pelosa

La Pelosa beach in Sardinia is perfect with kids
Shallow waters of La Pelosa beach, Sardinia are perfect with kids

La Pelosa beach is located at the northernmost part of Sardinia island. It has the most turquoise waters we’ve ever seen! The sand of La Pelosa is white and powdery fine and is under protection. That’s why, you can not lay your towels directly on the sand. Initially, you need to put a beach mat, then towels can be laid on the mat. When you leave the beach you must wash all the sand on your feet.

Yes, there are many rules to experience this beauty bu thanks to theses rules the seawater here looks incredible. I can easily say that La Pelosa was the best beach we visited in Sardinia. Also the beach was so fun with kids. It was shallow and sand in the water was super soft. We spent lots of time in the water. In addition, we rented a pedal boat with a slide and enjoyed the great turquoise at its best.

La Pelosa beach is very popular. As a result, we hardly found a place to park our car and a spot on the sand to sit on. Moreover, in recent years a reservation is required to enter the beach. Yet, it is so beautiful that is worth all the struggle to reach to the beach.

  • Base town you can settle to explore the region: Stintino
  • Stintino hotels can be found at €50-100 price range. Some hotels even have shuttles to La Pelosa.
  • For, Stintino hotels options click here.

Rena Bianca Beach

Rena Bianca beach, Santa Teresa di Gallura
Rena Bianca beach, Santa Teresa di Gallura

Rena Bianca beach is walking distance to seaside town Santa Teresa di Gallura. It has white sand and turquoise water and quite protected from winds and currents. Just behind the beach there is a cafe for food and drinks.

Rena Bianca was a pretty beach to spend great time with kids. We especially liked the humble, little seaside town vibes of Santa Teresa di Gallura with a good beach in walking distance and noted here for next Sardinia holidays to stay.

East Sardinia beaches

Spiaggia di Cala Brandinchi

Cala Brandinchi beach Sardinia with kids
Cala Brandinchi beach – Color of sea is unbelievable

Cala Brandinchi beach looks like a postcard with its fine white sand and turquoise water. It was such a great experience visiting there. In our way to Cala Brandinchi, we drove through eastern Sardinian countryside and little villages. Finally, when there was a few kilometers to the beach we entered a national park. The hourly increasing and quite expensive parking price was applicable starting just after the entrance. I think, in order to prevent people to park outside the park and walk the rest of the way, they had built the entrance as far as possible. 🙂

Cala Brandinchi beach is consisted of a few middle sized coves and it definitely worth every mile we drove to find this beauty. You can figure out that you are in an unique place seeing all the yachts anchored off the beach. Despite Cala Brandinchi being not very close to main towns, it can get very crowded. In fact, we literary, laid down on sand side by side with strangers when we were there. Try going earlier in the morning to beat the crowds. There is a cafe on the beach for food and drinks.

Pittulongu Beach

Pittulongu Beach, Olbia, Sardinia
Pittulongu Beach, Olbia, Sardinia

Pittulongu Beach is a long beach in a short drive from Olbia, one of the main cities in Sardinia. It is Olbia’s main beach with chaise lounge – umbrella rentals and restaurants along the beach. There is free parking area just behind the beach. Nevertheless, I can easily say that Pittulongu is the most average beach in the area. You can find beaches with incredible white sand just a few coves ahead. I think, Pittulongu main beach is good for services provided and its beach vibes.

  • Base town you can settle to explore the region: Olbia
  • Olbia hotels can be found at €75-150 price range.
  • For, Olbia hotels options click here.

Spiaggia del Pelicano & Spiaggia Bados

Beach access from our rent in Pittulongu
Beach access from our bnb, Spiaggia Bados – Pittulongu beach

Pittulongu is a little seaside town with some breathtaking beaches. We stayed in Pittulongu twice and at both times enjoyed the sea and the shore a lot. Even stayed at a beach house that had a direct beach access leading to white sand and crystal clear water. It is mostly a summer house vacationist community here and there is not much to do in the town. But the sea and beaches are gorgeous! Spiaggia del Pelicano and Spiaggia Bados are the two beautiful beaches walking distance to the town.

Spiaggia Bianca

Spiaggia Bianca, Olbia Sardinia
Spiaggia Bianca, Olbia

Spiaggia Bianca, which translates as White Beach, is the most popular beach around Olbia. After you park your car, you can access the beach climbing down a slightly steep area but it’s not a big deal. The sand of the beach is white as mentioned in its name. Sea is crystal clear, shallow and has a gentle slope. We had fantastic time here swimming and playing all day with the kids. Eventually, when leaving at sunset, we couldn’t find anyone to pay for our parking place.

As far as I observed chaise lounge rental prices increased going north of Olbia to Costa Smeralda coast. At this beach you could rent a pair of chaise lounges and an umbrella for a price range of €20-30. The price varied according the proximity to the sea. Or you can bring your own beach chairs and umbrella like we did and sit on the beach for free as all beaches on Sardinia.

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Coasta Smeralda Beaches

Costa Smeralda - Emerald Coast Sardinia
Costa Smeralda – Emerald Coast

The Emerald Coast (Costa Smeralda), is the most glamorous part of Sardinia, filled with luxury resorts and villas, and giant yachts. The beauty of this northeastern Sardinian coast attracts celebrities and billionaires for decades to spend their vacations. As you can guess, The Emerald Coast gets its name from the particular hue of seawater here. Hence, there are many beaches along the coast with emerald blue waters, some with white sand and others with coarser sand. We visited a few of the beaches here. We liked them but I can’t say they were the best among we visited in Sardinia.

As the Emerald Coast is so famous, maybe even more than Sardinia itself, we definitely wanted to visit here. But there was a question in our minds: with all luxurious and expensive accommodations around, could you find a reasonable and good place to stay? After our vacation I can tell, yes you can. We stayed in San Pantaleo, a cute mountain village not far from the Emerald Coast. The adorable Sardinian village, had great vibes and character. Stone houses, good restaurants, yummy gelato, pretty streets, even a weekly farmers market all contributed to San Pantaleo’s charm for us.

Spiaggia del Principe

Spiaggia del Principe - Costa Smeralda Sardinia beaches
Spiaggia del Principe – Costa Smeralda

Spiaggia del Principe was one of the beaches we visited in Costa Smeralda. It was a nice beach with white sands and calm, warm water. After you park your car in the parking place (parking is a bit expensive) you need to walk about 10 minutes to the beach. It was pretty crowded, thus coming earlier can be a good idea.

West Sardinia beaches

The main city of western Sardinia is Alghero. Alghero has great historic vibes and character thanks to its well preserved old town, cobbled streets and lively atmosphere. After a day at the beach, strolling in Alghero’s main streets and piazzas was lovely. Also there were many good restaurant options here from a good paella or pizza to fine dining.

We chose our accommodation in Alghero in walking distance to the sea but we didn’t like the sea in the town very much. At the time of our visit there was lots of black seaweed looking particles on the shore and the very shallow parts of the sea. Sea was clean and when you got in a little more off the shore there wasn’t much seaweed (I mean natural, seaweedy black particles) but it wasn’t very pleasant at that state. We preferred beaches outside Alghero and had quite good time during our time in Alghero.

Mugoni Beach

Mugoni Beach, Alghero Sardinia
Mugoni Beach, Alghero

Mugoni beach was a nice beach surrounded by trees and lots of shade. It was shallow, sandy and a good family destination to spend a great day at the beach with kids. Since it was close to Alghero city center it was quite crowded especially at weekends.

Porto Ferro Beach

Porto Ferro Beach Sardinia
Porto Ferro Beach

Searching for an uncrowded beach in the mittle of August, we found a really pristine one: Porto Ferro Beach. It was a long, sandy cove with only a few people. Since we read that the road to the the south part of the beach was bad we went from the north. For north access we had to walk about 20 minutes through the forest but it was part of the adventure. We stayed all day and enjoyed this beach. There is a nudist section on the northernmost part of the beach, which we accidentally discovered during our strolls on the shore. There aren’t any facilities on the beach, thus you need to go stocked with food and drinks.

South Sardinia Beaches

Since we based our vacation in northern Sardinia we didn’t have a chance to see the beaches on the south. But as far as I explored for my future vacations there are many great beaches at this part too. You can stay in the capital city Cagliari which looks very charming with old town and historic vibes. There are many nice beaches around Cagliari like Poetto or Chia to name a few. In other words, Cagliari can be a good option for those who want to experience the best of the two worlds: a historical town and good beaches.

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